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Legalized marijuana linked to more accidents

The state of Colorado paved the way when it comes to legalizing the recreational use of marijuana a few years ago. Since then, seven other states along with the District of Columbia have followed suit. However, just as with drinking alcohol, this does not mean that drivers should feel free to smoke or consume any form of pot and then get behind the wheel of a vehicle. However, it may well be that some drivers are doing precisely that.

Results from a study conducted by the research firm, Highway Loss Data Institute are said to prove that there have been a greater number of vehicular insurance claims made since marijuana was legalized. This is found to be the case not only in Colorado but also in Oregon and Washington. The data that was reviewed spanned almost five years from the beginning of 2012 until the autumn of 2016.

Where do you turn when injured in a parking lot or ramp?

The parking lot may seem like a gray area when it comes to liability for personal injury and eligibility for workers' compensation, but there's actually a set of standards to help individuals determine if they have a legal case against the property owner or employer. Parking lots are high-traffic areas with the potential for a variety of types of accidents and injuries, and it's critical that drivers, employees, property owners and employers understand the legalities surrounding these semi-public spaces.

Accidents and injuries that can occur in parking lots and ramps

Governor signs new distracted driving bill

For most people in Colorado, a cellphone has become something that is rarely out of an arm's reach or an eye's glance. The integration of these tools into daily life cannot be disputed and there can be benefits associated with that at times in terms of convenience if nothing else. However, there is also a very serious danger associated with the heavy reliance on smartphones in some situations, namely when a person is driving a vehicle.

Colorado has had a law in place for a while that makes it illegal for people to send or receive text messages while they are driving cars, trucks or other motor vehicles. Now, however, the state is stepping things up with a new law that makes the penalties for texting while driving even stronger. The goal of the new law is ultimately to keep more people safe by preventing the action that is said to lead to so many accidents.

Do contract delivery drivers qualify for workers’ compensation?

Recently, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled on whether or not delivery drivers could receive workers' compensation while being injured on the job. In the case, Western Logistics Inc., Diligent Deliver Systems v. Industrial Claims Appeal Office of the State of Colorado, sought to clarify the employment status of the delivery drivers who were performing services for the organization in order to determine whether they were qualified to receive worker's compensation in the state.

Case background

Child safety in car accidents

Nobody likes to hear about injuries to children and reading about the death of a child can be an emotional experience. As a society, we hold our children dear and do everything we can to protect them through our laws. But when it comes to our behavior behind the wheel, too many people drive as if safety is of no consideration when their children are in the back seat. 

Statistically, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that in a typical year (we'll use 2015 for our purposes here), America loses more than 600 of our children under the age of 13 due to motor vehicle accidents. While that number reflects more than a 50 percent reduction from the horrendous 1,300 we were losing 30 years earlier, it still represents the heartbreak of too many of our families, friends and colleagues confronted by the sudden and devastating loss of one of their kids.

I-25 Through Denver Shut Down Due To Tanker Truck Crash

The tanker truck accident that shut down I-25 near Orchard Road on Wednesday afternnoon should serve as a good reminder of why large 18-wheeler semi-trucks are so heavily regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The tanker was carrying oil and other hazardous liquids, which erupted into a large fire that was intense enough to melt some areas of RTD light rail tracks near the scene.

The tanker driver suffered undisclosed injuries and was taken to nearby hospital for treatment. Fortunately, emergency crews got the flames under control before they could spread beyond the immediate scene. 

Colorado's uninsured motorist problem

If you are like most people in Colorado, you pay for and carry current insurance on any motor vehicle that you own or lease. You may do this because you know it is legally required and because you know it is the smart and right thing to do. Auto insurance protects you, anyone in your vehicles and any other person who may ever be involved in an accident with you. Sadly, not everyone in Colorado is quite as responsible.

The Insurance Research Council statistics show that the state of Colorado seems to have a bigger problem with uninsured motorists than the rest of the country. While nationally it is estimated that 12.6 percent of drivers fail to have insurance, 16.2 percent of drivers in Colorado are uninsured.

Workers’ compensation for illness caused by job stress

Nearly everyone who is employed experiences stress at some point while fulfilling their responsibilities. Stress is a common complaint amongst workers, but the individual nature in which each person experiences and copes with stress makes it a challenging workplace condition to diagnose. However, the fact remains, stress takes its toll on a person's emotional condition, their mental health and also their physical health.

Perhaps you've had a moment in the office where you felt completely overwhelmed. You had a lot on your plate and it all had to be completed yesterday. This could be momentary stress for you, that passes as you complete the tasks at hand and continue on with your day. For another person, it could induce a panic attack. Another person may suffer from insomnia at night because of their stress at work. And yet another individual may suffer from physical conditions, such as headaches, nausea or vomiting.

Fender-bender whiplash can lead to long-term chronic pain

Getting into any type of car accident is a frightening and stressful experience. The sound of the crunching vehicles alone is enough to make an individual cringe. While serious car accidents that result in severe injuries or fatalities are the most devastating, even a simple fender-bender can leave you with long-term ramifications.

Unfortunately, most people who get into a fender-bender while driving on the Colorado roads simply brush it off as a minor accident with no injuries. If both parties can get out of the vehicles, examine the damage and walk away without any physical evidence of an injury, they are prone to believe that nothing has happened as a result of the crash. At least, until the next morning, when they are reeling from the impacts of whiplash. Joint pain and muscle pain are common after minor crashes, and it can last for several days. 

Yes, Your Back Injury Is Real, Even Without X-Ray Proof

Working a physical job, such as one in a factory or manufacturing facility, requires you to be on your feet for your whole shift. You spend a significant portion of your time lifting heavy objects, operating machinery and standing in place in order to fulfill your job responsibilities. It's a tiring job, and also leaves you prone to back injuries.

Back injuries vary in degree and severity, but these injuries all have one thing in common: They are both painful and debilitating. When your back is injured, every part of your body feels sore and uncomfortable. It significantly decreases your quality of life, and if severe enough, can prevent you from being able to perform your duties on the job each day.

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