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Injuries to nannies and domestic workers

Caring for others is a worthwhile and rewarding career, but it's not without its risks. Whether you are working as a nanny and caring for Denver children, or you have been hired by a family to care for an elderly relative, you are responsible for keeping them safe but you also need to prioritize your own well-being. Recognizing the common risks of this career and working to minimize your chances of suffering from an injury are important, but it's also critical that you know what you need to do in the event of a work-related injury.

Common injuries among child care workers and domestic help

Injuries to snow removal professionals

Winter moves in quickly in Denver and throughout Colorado. One day, the local residents are in awe at the beauty of the fall and by the next day, the leaves are off the trees and the barren branches are topped with fresh snow. While winter usually ushers in a season of hibernation in other parts of the country, Denver actually comes to life when the first flakes start to fly. This is when an influx of tourists arrive and when the nearby residents look to head to their favorite ski resort for the weekend.

At the same time, workers who specialize in snow and ice removal gear up for the busy season. Nearly every day, there's a job that needs to be done, and it's important that workers stay safe while they are clearing sidewalks, roads and other pathways.

Injuries to temporary contract workers

For young workers, the opportunity to partner with a staffing agency and receive temporary work is often the ideal way to get professional experience and test out various roles in the work force. Whether working in an office setting or in an industrial or manufacturing setting, young workers can learn more about what they like to do and the type of role they might like to have in their career.

Workers must recognize that there are distinct differences when it comes to workplace safety and injuries while working in temporary employment.

How do I file an insurance claim after an accident?

Any stressful event can leave you feeling confused and overwhelmed for days or weeks after the event. This is particularly true when it comes to the aftermath of a car crash, especially if you or someone you love was injured. It can help you and other Colorado residents to know in advance how to handle your accident claim.

Regardless of fault, your insurer might be notified of the accident in case your rates need to be adjusted, but your claim will not file itself. You will need to get the ball rolling so you can get compensation for car repairs or injuries. The Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association advises to call your insurance company as soon as possible after the accident. It can help to have a list of questions ready when you talk to your agent. Take note of any documentation they need to help with your claim, such as police reports and the other party’s insurance and contact information.

Injuries to restaurant kitchen workers

While all of the guests are enjoying their meals in the dining room and the wait staff is running orders back and forth, it's the kitchen that is keeping the restaurant operating at all times. From the cooks to those who are assisting in the kitchen, this team of workers is critical to the success of any dining establishment.

Recognizing this, it's important that both restaurant workers as well as restaurant owners and managers keep safety as a top priority in the kitchen area. Not only is this one of the most vital components of the business, it's also one of the most dangerous spaces to work within a restaurant. 

Common types of office injuries

Those who work in an office setting often feel like they work in a safe, low-risk space. While it's true that office workers generally are not operating large equipment or lifting heavy machinery, there are still risks to be aware of in this environment. In fact, office workers suffer from a number of injuries directly related to their job responsibilities. 

The most common injuries in an office environment

  • Falls — Slip and fall accidents happen frequently in offices around the country, and they can lead to serious complications. The most common causes of slip and fall accidents in the office are wet or slippery floors, exposed electrical cords, dim lighting, loose carpeting, and improper use of office equipment. 
  • Injuries due to Lifting — Depending on the individual's position, some lifting may be required in an office environment. Despite the fact that there is not often a significant amount of heavy lifting, office workers can easily be injured from improper lifting. Instead of lifting from the arms, the worker should squat while lifting to avoid injuries.
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome — Office workers spend the majority of their time sitting in their workplace and operating computers as well as other technological equipment. If a worker is not using an ergonomic chair or work station, or they do not get up to take frequent breaks from their tasks, they can suffer from injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome. This painful condition can make it difficult for office workers to perform their duties.

In winter, back off of trucks

By the time November rolls around in Colorado, Denver residents and visitors alike are wishing for that first magical snowflake of the year. The falling snow is the unofficial start of yet another fantastic ski season, and provides those in the area with an opportunity to soak up the magic of wintertime. However, these same beautiful flakes that cover the mountainsides with fresh powder can wreck havoc on the roadways. The winding roads and the busy highways of Denver instantly become more dangerous, especially for truck drivers and those driving around trucks.

Truck drivers already have to be cautious as they are maneuvering their vehicles along the Denver roads, but winter ushers in a whole new set of risks and dangers. Passenger vehicle drivers and truck drivers alike must use extra caution in order to avoid an accident that could lead to an injury or even a fatality.

2016 a deadly year in Colorado

Like many people in Colorado, you may once in a while wonder if all of the improvements in automobile safety technology along with stronger laws are actually able to help reduce the number of accidents or, even better, save lives. Certainly both of those things are goals of the efforts made by vehicle manufacturers, law enforcement entities, municipalities and state and federal lawmakers. However, even the most well-intended efforts appear to be ineffective some of the time.

Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration paints a disturbing picture for Colorado when it comes to safety on its roads. In 2015, 547 people lost their lives in automobile crashes. Last year in 2016, that number jumped by 61 to a total of 608. When you stop to think about 608 funerals or memorial services being held, you instantly have a glimpse into how far-reaching the effects of this number can be.

Drunk driver kills one, injures another

Colorado residents have been provided with a wide array of data and education informing them just how dangerous it is to drive after drinking for many decades now. Yet, too many people continue to ignore these warnings and facts and grab their keys after downing one or multiple beers or other beverages. The result of this decision has not changed and another accident that happened recently just keeps supporting the need for people to change their ways.

Early on a Sunday morning, a ridesharing driver was transporting a passenger along the streets of Denver when their vehicle was struck by another car. The driver of the ridesharing vehicle is said to have been injured although no details have been released about their condition or prognosis at this point. The person who had hired the ridesharing driver did not even make it to a hospital before being identified as dead due to the trauma of the accident.

When children are injured on a school bus

Parents place an inherent trust in the school systems in which they send their children. They rely upon teachers to gently guide their children through their days, encouraging them to love to learn. They rely upon the principals and administrators to enforce the rules and to create a safe yet fun environment for all children who go there. They also rely upon the bus drivers to transport their children to and from school safely each day.

Perhaps there's nothing more devastating than that phone call from school saying that something is wrong with your child. In Denver, thousands of parents place their children on the bus each day, hoping that nothing will happen. But the reality is, there are risks to riding on the bus to school. Children can, and do, get injured on their way to and from school. It's important for parents to recognize how they can prevent those injuries from occurring, and also that they know what to do in the event of an unforeseen circumstance.

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