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If you work outdoors, beware of heat injuries

For workers who labor outside during the dog days of summer, the days are less like a vacation and more like a grueling marathon that must be endured. In fact, beyond the fact that the heat can be uncomfortable, there are actually many risks that must be considered when working outside in the elements during the month of August. 

What makes I-25 through Colorado so dangerous?

Back in 2009, the Denver 7 news station, dubbed the stretch of I-25 that runs between Sante Fe and the I-70 highway in Denver the most dangerous stretch of Colorado road. In 2017, nothing has changed. Many hundreds of crashes occur on this portion of the highway each year, including many vacationers to the state, or just passing through.

I-70: Colorado’s most dangerous highway

For many travelers, Colorado is the dream vacation destination. In the winter months, visitors are able to enjoy some of the best skiing in the world atop the most majestic mountains. In the summer, the vistas that surround the Rocky Mountains cannot be beat. People hailing from across the globe set their sights on Colorado in hopes of hiking through the rugged trails that lead to the most breathtaking views.

When can you sue your employer after a workplace accident?

If you slip while walking through your workplace and break your ankle, you might be tempted to go straight to the CEO's office and threaten him with a lawsuit. Unfortunately, this scenario is not going to end well for you. First, your boss is likely to laugh at this assertion, and second, you may face professional repercussions as a result of your threatening outburst.

Employer responsibilities under workers’ compensation laws

Workers' compensation is a benefit program available in most states to employees who are injured while working on the premises of their jobsite or as a result of job responsibilities. Workers' compensation generally covers medical expenses that are incurred as a result of an injury, as well as lost wages and expenses that result from a diminished quality of life.

Bicycle accidents on the rise nationwide

Many people today are recognizing the need to make lifestyle changes that not only improve their health, but also help the environment. More and more commuters are opting to use their bicycle to get from place to place rather than their car. 

Workers' compensation for carpal tunnel syndrome

Officer workers may not be facing the same high-risk situations on the job each day as those who are employed at factories or construction sites. But that doesn't mean they are not at risk of developing severe injuries and conditions that can prevent them from fulfilling their responsibilities at work.

Where do you turn when injured in a parking lot or ramp?

The parking lot may seem like a gray area when it comes to liability for personal injury and eligibility for workers' compensation, but there's actually a set of standards to help individuals determine if they have a legal case against the property owner or employer. Parking lots are high-traffic areas with the potential for a variety of types of accidents and injuries, and it's critical that drivers, employees, property owners and employers understand the legalities surrounding these semi-public spaces.

Do contract delivery drivers qualify for workers’ compensation?

Recently, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled on whether or not delivery drivers could receive workers' compensation while being injured on the job. In the case, Western Logistics Inc., Diligent Deliver Systems v. Industrial Claims Appeal Office of the State of Colorado, sought to clarify the employment status of the delivery drivers who were performing services for the organization in order to determine whether they were qualified to receive worker's compensation in the state.

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