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Legalized marijuana linked to more accidents

The state of Colorado paved the way when it comes to legalizing the recreational use of marijuana a few years ago. Since then, seven other states along with the District of Columbia have followed suit. However, just as with drinking alcohol, this does not mean that drivers should feel free to smoke or consume any form of pot and then get behind the wheel of a vehicle. However, it may well be that some drivers are doing precisely that.

Governor signs new distracted driving bill

For most people in Colorado, a cellphone has become something that is rarely out of an arm's reach or an eye's glance. The integration of these tools into daily life cannot be disputed and there can be benefits associated with that at times in terms of convenience if nothing else. However, there is also a very serious danger associated with the heavy reliance on smartphones in some situations, namely when a person is driving a vehicle.

Fewer young people trust autonomous cars

For some time now, Colorado residents have been hearing about the development of self-driving vehicles. The technology that is emerging and making it possible for automobiles to esentially drive themselves is developing at a rapid pace. However, while the reality of these vehicles being on the road may be drawing nearer, it is important to track just how much consumers are actually willing to adopt thees vehicles, especially given that it is improved safety and reduced crashes that is generally touted as the primary benefit of autonomous vehicles.

Distracted driving penalty may increase

People in Colorado have been hearing about distracted driving for some time now. However, in the last few years, this topic seems to have been getting even more attention. More and more is being learned about the true dangers of using a phone or other device while operating a motor vehicle. In fact, true distracted driving can include a lot more than just the use of electronic devices while driving.

Impaired driver kills student

After decades of advocacy group efforts to raise awareness about the danger of drunk driving, it is shocking to think about how many people in Colorado continue to grab their keys and get behind the wheel of a car after consuming alcohol. Even with improved safety features in vehicles, sometimes there is no way to save a person's life when a negligent drunk driver rams into another vehicle.

As Spring Arrives in Colorado, Roads Can Get More Dangerous

Winter driving conditions are hazardous across the entire country, but on Colorado mountain roads, winter often extends into spring, adding an extra element of risk. Not only is the weather icy, snowy and windy throughout much of the season, but there's also an influx of drivers and travelers in the area who are navigating their way through the mountains in order to reach their favorite ski resort for one final late-season weekend.

Younger drivers may be factor in rising traffic fatalities

Traffic accidents in Colorado may involve drivers of any age for sure, especially knowing that many factors ranging from environmental and road conditions to driver negligence can contribute to crashes. However, recently released information from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety suggests that drivers in the millennial generation may be some of the most dangerous on Colorado roads.

Colorado traffic fatalities on the rise

As new car technology evolves and laws crack down on drivers who are drunk, distracted or otherwise negligent, Colorado residents should be able to feel safer when they take to the road whether as drivers, motorcyclists, pedestrians or bicyclists. Sadly, statistics indicate that this may not necessarily be the case.

CDOT will experiment with self-driving cars on a stretch of I-70. Will it work?

As the rate of deadly car accidents continues to rise in Colorado, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) is looking at a surprising potential solution to help decrease fatalities. The solution? Take drivers out of the equation. CDOT is partnering with Panasonic to test self-driving cars on a 90-mile stretch of Interstate 70.

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