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Workers' Compensation Archives

Injuries to temporary contract workers

For young workers, the opportunity to partner with a staffing agency and receive temporary work is often the ideal way to get professional experience and test out various roles in the work force. Whether working in an office setting or in an industrial or manufacturing setting, young workers can learn more about what they like to do and the type of role they might like to have in their career.

Employer responsibilities under workers' compensation laws

Workers' compensation is a benefit program available in most states to employees who are injured while working on the premises of their jobsite or as a result of job responsibilities. Workers' compensation generally covers medical expenses that are incurred as a result of an injury, as well as lost wages and expenses that result from a diminished quality of life.

Workers' compensation for carpal tunnel syndrome

Officer workers may not be facing the same high-risk situations on the job each day as those who are employed at factories or construction sites. But that doesn't mean they are not at risk of developing severe injuries and conditions that can prevent them from fulfilling their responsibilities at work.

Do contract delivery drivers qualify for workers' compensation?

Recently, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled on whether or not delivery drivers could receive workers' compensation while being injured on the job. In the case, Western Logistics Inc., Diligent Deliver Systems v. Industrial Claims Appeal Office of the State of Colorado, sought to clarify the employment status of the delivery drivers who were performing services for the organization in order to determine whether they were qualified to receive worker's compensation in the state.

Workers' compensation for illness caused by job stress

Nearly everyone who is employed experiences stress at some point while fulfilling their responsibilities. Stress is a common complaint amongst workers, but the individual nature in which each person experiences and copes with stress makes it a challenging workplace condition to diagnose. However, the fact remains, stress takes its toll on a person's emotional condition, their mental health and also their physical health.

Workers' compensation is for injured office workers, too

Based on what we hear, it  is easy to assume that only factory workers and construction professionals get injured on the job. Statistically, though, administrative professionals suffer a very high number of injuries and file for workers' compensation. 

Workers Comp or Military Disability? What You Need to Know About Re-Injury

If you are a veteran who has returned from service with what is known as a "service-connected disability" - or in other words, a disability acquired during your time in service - then you are definitely not alone. In recent years, the number of veterans reporting long-term injuries or disabilities has risen steadily. The question is, what happens if you re-injure or aggravate these injuries on your civilian job in Colorado? In this blog post, I'll explore this question further.

Are workers' compensation death benefits available in Colorado?

When someone passes away and leaves a husband or wife, kids and sometimes other relatives who depended on the deceased person's wages to meet their needs, the loss of that income because of the worker's death could potentially bring financial devastation. Luckily, when a family provider dies from work-related injuries or occupational diseases, surviving dependents may be eligible for payment of death benefits under Colorado workers' compensation laws.

Can I sue my employer if I'm hurt on the job?

Before workers' compensation laws, workers injured on the job had few options for obtaining the medical and financial assistance they needed to recover from their injuries. In many cases, employees were left with little choice other than to sue their employers to recover much-needed compensation.

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