4 Reasons For Having A Living Will

Personal Injury Lawyer

A living will is a document that you may not think you need, however, anything can happen in life as our own personal injury lawyer can attest — they see accidents daily that can lead to death and disrupt a family’s life. And it’s better to be prepared than to regret not taking the time now to establish one. Life can be unpredictable, and in some cases uncontrollable things may develop. If you are of adult age, in order to protect yourself and reduce added pain for your family members, consider writing a living will as soon as possible.

#1 You are protected if you cannot communicate.
The main benefit of having a living will is that it protects you in various scenarios if you can no longer communicate either due to injury or illness. If something bad were to happen to you, medical professionals would have to follow your instructions. No one wants to think of a time when they are incapacitated, but in the event that it does occur, your family will at least be relieved that they don’t have to make troublesome decisions related to saving your life.

#2 You have control over medical care.
A living will can outline what medical procedures, treatments, and life support you would want if you became unable to communicate. A living will orders physicians to abide by your wishes, since they are in writing and are on an official legal document. In this way, you take the choice out of their hands. If you have questions about what statements you should include in your living will, you can speak with a lawyer near you, according to the Law Group of Iowa.

#3 You avoid arguments between family members.
Having a living will written means that you are reducing the chances of disagreements between your loved ones. If something were to happen to you, your family may not agree on what treatments you should receive, which can add more stress to an already emotionally trying time. The last thing you want is your relatives to be at odds during a tough period. As a living will lawyer explains, having a will means that medical care will be your choice, and nobody else’s.

#4 You have more peace of mind in daily life.
Having a living will can give you ease of mind that if certain scenarios were to occur, that you will be taken care of how you prefer. The intent of a living will is to give you more control over tragic situations and prevent worse things from happening. Unfortunate accidents can be difficult to deal with, and it alleviates pressure on your family in having to make potentially end of life decisions for you. Most people do not want those outside of their wishes and family’s wishes to interfere in sad circumstances.

If you have yet to devise a living will, consider starting one today. Ultimately, a living will will give you peace of mind, alleviate tension between loved ones, provide more control over your own life, and ensure that your medical care preferences will be followed.