Personal Injury Testimonials

From Daniel M

Clifford Enten and staff made me feel more like family than just a pay check to them. The staff and Mr. Enten worked hard to get me as much as they could.

From Jose H

Estoy muy agradecido por la ayude que me dieron. Muchas gracias por todo lo que hicieron por mí, estoy muy agradecido por la ayuda que tuve de ustedes

From Carl W

I notified Cliff Enten regarding my work comp case against _______ and he was more than willing to take my case immediately. I came in for an interview regarding my case and Cliff was more than accommodating because I advised him that I might drop the case against _______. He did not get upset or give me bad advice on what to do. After doing all the paper work involved, Cliff could only give me positive feedback and said he would not charge me any fee even thought his staff took the time to investigate what I needed to get some kind of compensation for my injury. It is very hard to get a knowledgeable and helpful individual to do what he has done for me and I sincerely appreciate what he has done to date. I am very appreciative for all of his time and help.

From Richard A

My experience with Cliff Enten was very personable and very detailed with the procedure. I could tell that he was doing very good work. That he took time and detail to achieve the best outcome possible. I recommend him for these reasons.

From Paula G, Colorado

I had had major surgery on my neck and was in an automobile accident that re-injured my neck. I sought the counsel of another attorney and was dissatisfied with the information I was provided. I consulted with Cliff Enten and was very pleased with his direction and the positive results I received. I was treated fairly and appreciate all his hard work. I will gladly recommend his services to any in need of a personal injury lawyer. Thank you Cliff Enten and your staff also.

From E.J. Arvada, Colorado

"We could not have been happier with the service we received! From the moment we decided to work with this firm, we had no more worries. They took over everything and we had little to have to handle ourselves. We felt very attended to and important. In addition, our end result was above and beyond what we had ever hoped for. I couldn't recommend Cliff and his firm enough."

From the W Family


"Our whole family was in an automobile accident. Cliff was great to work with. He was always available to answer questions and never failed to give us straight answers. He sat down several times with us to discuss our case. We would recommend him to all of our friends and associates."

From Zena Lenz


"When I came to see Cliff Enten due to a car accident, I was offered a $1,500 settlement from the other insurance company. I felt completely lost and had no idea on how to handle this. Cliff Enten took care of everything for me and settled my case for a much higher amount."

From Jimmy Padilla


"I, Jimmy Padilla, used the Law Office of Clifford J. Enten. They did an excellent job on my case; they went beyond my expectations of what I thought I would get, and they have always been very polite and treated me with respect."

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