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May 2017 Archives

Colorado's uninsured motorist problem

If you are like most people in Colorado, you pay for and carry current insurance on any motor vehicle that you own or lease. You may do this because you know it is legally required and because you know it is the smart and right thing to do. Auto insurance protects you, anyone in your vehicles and any other person who may ever be involved in an accident with you. Sadly, not everyone in Colorado is quite as responsible.

Workers' compensation for illness caused by job stress

Nearly everyone who is employed experiences stress at some point while fulfilling their responsibilities. Stress is a common complaint amongst workers, but the individual nature in which each person experiences and copes with stress makes it a challenging workplace condition to diagnose. However, the fact remains, stress takes its toll on a person's emotional condition, their mental health and also their physical health.

Fender-bender whiplash can lead to long-term chronic pain

Getting into any type of car accident is a frightening and stressful experience. The sound of the crunching vehicles alone is enough to make an individual cringe. While serious car accidents that result in severe injuries or fatalities are the most devastating, even a simple fender-bender can leave you with long-term ramifications.

Yes, Your Back Injury Is Real, Even Without X-Ray Proof

Working a physical job, such as one in a factory or manufacturing facility, requires you to be on your feet for your whole shift. You spend a significant portion of your time lifting heavy objects, operating machinery and standing in place in order to fulfill your job responsibilities. It's a tiring job, and also leaves you prone to back injuries.

Fewer young people trust autonomous cars

For some time now, Colorado residents have been hearing about the development of self-driving vehicles. The technology that is emerging and making it possible for automobiles to esentially drive themselves is developing at a rapid pace. However, while the reality of these vehicles being on the road may be drawing nearer, it is important to track just how much consumers are actually willing to adopt thees vehicles, especially given that it is improved safety and reduced crashes that is generally touted as the primary benefit of autonomous vehicles.

Industrial accidents caused by insufficient maintenance

Working in an industrial setting carries with it a specific set of risks. Working with factory equipment is dangerous and requires employees to be properly trained in order to use the equipment in a safe and responsible manner. Of course, employees also expect that this equipment is in good working order, and that, if used properly, will not harm them. Unfortunately, factory equipment maintenance can be expensive and may often slide to the back burner for employers. 

Will cars and bicycles ever get along?

We read about it every Spring: The never-ending battle between drivers and bicyclists on our Colorado roads. Each year, hundreds of accidents result when cars won't share the road with a bike rider, or a bike rider fails to follow the rules of a vehicle on our roadways.

Distracted driving penalty may increase

People in Colorado have been hearing about distracted driving for some time now. However, in the last few years, this topic seems to have been getting even more attention. More and more is being learned about the true dangers of using a phone or other device while operating a motor vehicle. In fact, true distracted driving can include a lot more than just the use of electronic devices while driving.

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