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It's Spring - the time of year motorcycle accidents go up

It's Spring -- The time of year motorcycle accidents go up

Bikers in Colorado are often itching to break out their motorcycles after a long, cold winter. But statistically, spring is the most dangerous time for bikers, as other drivers on the road need to go through the annual learning curve of sharing the road with vehicles they often claim they can't see.

As bikers hit the roads in greater number, we thought it would be a good time to send out some reminders from Ride Apart, a national motorcyclist organization.

Avoiding accidents caused when a car makes a left turn in front of you: In most cases, the car driver will claim "I didn't see the motorcycle" so it is important to see the car first. As you approach an intersection with a car to the right, expect the unexpected. Be prepared to stop suddenly well in advance and watch for the car inching forward, an indication that the driver may be ready to pull out.

Avoiding accidents on loose gravel: It is every rider's nightmare -- loose gravel that has been kicked up onto the road from the shoulder, particularly on curves. As you slow down to enter the curve, don't swing wide toward the shoulder, where loose gravel is likely to accumulate. Correct your speed through the curve.

Avoid accidents caused by your own negligence: Although a significant percentage of motorcycle accidents are caused by car and truck drivers not sharing the road, there is no denying that bikers get themselves into a lot of jams themselves. Speed is the number one cause. Riding too fast for weather conditions; riding too fast for the road surface; and riding too fast to maintain control are all things to avoid.

Avoid accidents caused by unexpected lane changes: When riding on a multi-lane road, expect the unexpected. Cars often change lanes in a hurry and without signaling. Their drivers may be thoughtless, or swerving to avoid something in the lane in front of them.

Avoid being hit from behind at a stoplight: Believe it or not, drivers often run up the backside of a stopped motorcycle, because they are looking past it. Whenever possible, try not to be at the tail end of cars waiting for the light to change. Wave politely and pull in front of or between cars whenever possible.

Avoid riding with idiots: If you enjoy riding in a group, choose your friends wisely. Some bikers just don't care about others on the road...and that may include you if caught in a dangerous situation. Make sure everyone in your riding group knows your expectations about safe riding.

We're never going to prevent all motorcycle accidents, but taking time to think ahead will help you avoid one that may be waiting for you. If you are injured in a motorcycle accident, contact our law firm to discuss your legal options.  

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