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July 2017 Archives

Correlation between uninsured drivers and increased risk

Every driver is subject to risk of property damage or personal injury on the road. Most drivers, however, can secure a degree of protection from the economic effects of damage by obtaining adequate insurance coverage. Uninsured and underinsured motorist polices cover individuals whose injuries are caused by a driver with no insurance or whose insurance is insufficient to cover damages. While UIM insurance is not required by Colorado law, it may be especially important for Coloradans considering the high number of uninsured drivers on the road.

What makes I-25 through Colorado so dangerous?

Back in 2009, the Denver 7 news station, dubbed the stretch of I-25 that runs between Sante Fe and the I-70 highway in Denver the most dangerous stretch of Colorado road. In 2017, nothing has changed. Many hundreds of crashes occur on this portion of the highway each year, including many vacationers to the state, or just passing through.

I-70: Colorado's most dangerous highway

For many travelers, Colorado is the dream vacation destination. In the winter months, visitors are able to enjoy some of the best skiing in the world atop the most majestic mountains. In the summer, the vistas that surround the Rocky Mountains cannot be beat. People hailing from across the globe set their sights on Colorado in hopes of hiking through the rugged trails that lead to the most breathtaking views.

Rear-end crash kills man, injures others

Across the state of Colorado, people were anxiously awaiting the Fourth of July holiday which for many people may have featured an extended weekend starting the Friday prior. Known to be a holiday during which a lot of folks take to the road, there may understandably be concerns about traffic accidents that could end up marring what should otherwise be a fun and enjoyable time.

When can you sue your employer after a workplace accident?

If you slip while walking through your workplace and break your ankle, you might be tempted to go straight to the CEO's office and threaten him with a lawsuit. Unfortunately, this scenario is not going to end well for you. First, your boss is likely to laugh at this assertion, and second, you may face professional repercussions as a result of your threatening outburst.

Employer responsibilities under workers' compensation laws

Workers' compensation is a benefit program available in most states to employees who are injured while working on the premises of their jobsite or as a result of job responsibilities. Workers' compensation generally covers medical expenses that are incurred as a result of an injury, as well as lost wages and expenses that result from a diminished quality of life.

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