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October 2017 Archives

Common types of office injuries

Those who work in an office setting often feel like they work in a safe, low-risk space. While it's true that office workers generally are not operating large equipment or lifting heavy machinery, there are still risks to be aware of in this environment. In fact, office workers suffer from a number of injuries directly related to their job responsibilities. 

In winter, back off of trucks

By the time November rolls around in Colorado, Denver residents and visitors alike are wishing for that first magical snowflake of the year. The falling snow is the unofficial start of yet another fantastic ski season, and provides those in the area with an opportunity to soak up the magic of wintertime. However, these same beautiful flakes that cover the mountainsides with fresh powder can wreck havoc on the roadways. The winding roads and the busy highways of Denver instantly become more dangerous, especially for truck drivers and those driving around trucks.

2016 a deadly year in Colorado

Like many people in Colorado, you may once in a while wonder if all of the improvements in automobile safety technology along with stronger laws are actually able to help reduce the number of accidents or, even better, save lives. Certainly both of those things are goals of the efforts made by vehicle manufacturers, law enforcement entities, municipalities and state and federal lawmakers. However, even the most well-intended efforts appear to be ineffective some of the time.

Drunk driver kills one, injures another

Colorado residents have been provided with a wide array of data and education informing them just how dangerous it is to drive after drinking for many decades now. Yet, too many people continue to ignore these warnings and facts and grab their keys after downing one or multiple beers or other beverages. The result of this decision has not changed and another accident that happened recently just keeps supporting the need for people to change their ways.

When children are injured on a school bus

Parents place an inherent trust in the school systems in which they send their children. They rely upon teachers to gently guide their children through their days, encouraging them to love to learn. They rely upon the principals and administrators to enforce the rules and to create a safe yet fun environment for all children who go there. They also rely upon the bus drivers to transport their children to and from school safely each day.

Injured at work while still during your probationary period

Many workers who are hired by a new employer are placed under a probationary period, but young workers are more likely to experience this condition of their employment than those who are more experienced. A probationary period is generally a specific period of time — such as 30, 60 or 90 days — in which an employee is required to complete their job responsibilities while the employer evaluates their performance. 

Injured at work while under a temp-to-hire contract

For young workers, the opportunity to partner with a staffing agency and receive temporary work is often the ideal way to get professional experience and test out various roles in the work force. Whether working in an office setting or in an industrial or manufacturing setting, young workers can learn more about what they like to do and the type of role they might like to have in their career.

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