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November 2017 Archives

Injuries to workers in the hotel and hospitality industry

Denver and the surrounding metropolitan area is considered a tourist destination, particularly during the winter months when people from around the globe flock to the area in order to ski down the fresh, fluffy powder. This has encouraged the development of many different types of hotels, from high-end ski resorts to intimate boutique hotels and affordable, budget-friendly accommodations. Regardless of the type of property that an individual works at, hotel workers must recognize the unique risks of their jobs as well as take measures to prevent injuries from occurring. 

Your medical records must be accurate about your work injury

Colorado rules about workers’ compensation are very exacting. After suffering an injury on the job or receiving a medical diagnosis directly related to work, most workers will be covered by their employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. The injured party has the right to receive paid medical attention related to the injury or medical condition. Depending upon the circumstances, there are also pay benefits available to help the injured worker offset the loss or reduction in wages due to the temporary disability. If the injury results in a permanent total or partial disability, the worker may even negotiate a lump sum settlement.

Truck accident fatalities in Colorado

Colorado residents know that ground transportation is a mainstay of the American economy as it has far and away overtaken rail as a primary means of delivering goods across the country. While essential from a commerce perspective, having these large commercial vehicles share the road with cars, pickup trucks and other passenger vehicles does open up the risk of serious accidents that leave everyday citizens injured or even killed.

Injuries to nannies and domestic workers

Caring for others is a worthwhile and rewarding career, but it's not without its risks. Whether you are working as a nanny and caring for Denver children, or you have been hired by a family to care for an elderly relative, you are responsible for keeping them safe but you also need to prioritize your own well-being. Recognizing the common risks of this career and working to minimize your chances of suffering from an injury are important, but it's also critical that you know what you need to do in the event of a work-related injury.

Injuries to snow removal professionals

Winter moves in quickly in Denver and throughout Colorado. One day, the local residents are in awe at the beauty of the fall and by the next day, the leaves are off the trees and the barren branches are topped with fresh snow. While winter usually ushers in a season of hibernation in other parts of the country, Denver actually comes to life when the first flakes start to fly. This is when an influx of tourists arrive and when the nearby residents look to head to their favorite ski resort for the weekend.

Injuries to temporary contract workers

For young workers, the opportunity to partner with a staffing agency and receive temporary work is often the ideal way to get professional experience and test out various roles in the work force. Whether working in an office setting or in an industrial or manufacturing setting, young workers can learn more about what they like to do and the type of role they might like to have in their career.

How do I file an insurance claim after an accident?

Any stressful event can leave you feeling confused and overwhelmed for days or weeks after the event. This is particularly true when it comes to the aftermath of a car crash, especially if you or someone you love was injured. It can help you and other Colorado residents to know in advance how to handle your accident claim.

Injuries to restaurant kitchen workers

While all of the guests are enjoying their meals in the dining room and the wait staff is running orders back and forth, it's the kitchen that is keeping the restaurant operating at all times. From the cooks to those who are assisting in the kitchen, this team of workers is critical to the success of any dining establishment.

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