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How do I file an insurance claim after an accident?

Any stressful event can leave you feeling confused and overwhelmed for days or weeks after the event. This is particularly true when it comes to the aftermath of a car crash, especially if you or someone you love was injured. It can help you and other Colorado residents to know in advance how to handle your accident claim.

Regardless of fault, your insurer might be notified of the accident in case your rates need to be adjusted, but your claim will not file itself. You will need to get the ball rolling so you can get compensation for car repairs or injuries. The Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association advises to call your insurance company as soon as possible after the accident. It can help to have a list of questions ready when you talk to your agent. Take note of any documentation they need to help with your claim, such as police reports and the other party’s insurance and contact information.

It is also a good idea to ask your insurance agent if the repair shop you have in mind is backed by labor and repair guarantees. Colorado law prohibits agents steering their customers to specific shops, but they may be able to help you make an informed choice, if you do not already have a mechanic in mind.

It is also crucial after a crash to never admit fault – even if you know you were responsible – as this may be seen as an admission of guilt and make your claim more difficult. You should not accept money by the other party instead of going through insurance agencies. To do so will forfeit your right to make a claim. The best course to take after an accident is first to call law enforcement to file a report, then talk to your insurer and follow their instructions. You should have the option to negotiate and ask questions during the course of your claim.

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