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December 2017 Archives

Do long trucker commutes place you and the public in danger?

If you spend a lot of time traveling Colorado's roadways, and in particular, its busy Interstate 70 corridor, you probably understand that sharing the road with large trucks presents a number of specific dangers. Truckers often face fatigue and tight timelines, and they sometimes engage in substance abuse and other dangerous driving behaviors to meet the demands of their job. It may surprise you to learn, however, that the length of a trucker's commute to work can also impact his or her ability to drive safely.

What are ‘Dram Shop” laws?

Despite the fact that people are well aware of the risks and consequences of driving while under the influence of alcohol, far too many still choose to operate their vehicles after having one too many libations. The number of car accidents that occur as a result of drinking and driving continues to climb year after year, putting innocent people on the roads at risk of suffering a severe injury or worse, a fatality.

When a pedestrian causes a car accident

During the winter season, when snow makes driving conditions difficult and the holidays bring out the revelers in full force, there are many more car accidents in Denver involving pedestrians. Legally, pedestrians have a lot of protection. This is due to the fact that pedestrians who are hit by a motor vehicle are far more likely to suffer from an injury or a fatality than the driver or passengers within the vehicle. There are many circumstances in which pedestrians have the right of way, such as crossing the street at an identified cross walk. However, there are also situations in which a pedestrian may be considered at-fault in an accident. 

Injuries to bartenders and nightclub workers

Bartenders and nightclub workers in Denver may suffer from a variety of injuries, ranging from mild to severe, while on the job. Unfortunately, the reality is that many of them do not have access to employer-provided insurance, according to the Washington Post. It's imperative that bartenders and nightclub workers recognize the risks of the job before accepting a new position, and that they know what recourse is available should they be injured while working.

Distracted driving highlighted in study

Are you one of the many residents in Colorado who is worried to see drivers obviously texting while behind the wheel despite increasing public awareness campaigns highlighting the dangers of this type of behavior? If so, you are not alone. Consumer Reports is also concerned about the ongoing resistance of people to make safe choices when operating motor vehicles.

When big trucks crash

 At the Law Offices of Cliff Enten in Colorado, we know how dangerous a tractor-trailer can be if it crashes into you or you crash into it. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety states that about 10 percent of U.S. highway fatalities involve a large truck and you, as a passenger vehicle occupant, are most at risk for being fatally injured. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration adds that over 100,000 Americans are injured each year in truck accidents.

Rear-facing car seats: Why they are important

Parents today are inundated with information about the safety of car seats and how to safely travel with your child in a vehicle. While Colorado law requires that infants under the age of 1 and infants who weigh less than 20 pounds rear-face in their car seats, medical experts and child safety professionals are encouraging parents to continue rear-facing their children for much longer.

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