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Injuries to tailors, dressmakers and seamstresses

Tailors, dressmakers and seamstresses may seem like career options from the past, but the reality is there are many hard-working people earning a living in these fields right in the heart of Denver. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are more than 21,000 people working as professional sewers in the United States, many of whom are employed at clothing shops, laundry facilities and department stores. In fact, there are many professional sewers who operate independent, local businesses in which they alter, seam and mend clothing items for their clients. 

This profession is not without its risks. It is critical that professional sewers, including those who are employed as tailors, dressmakers and seamstresses, understand Colorado worker's compensation laws.

Occupational risks of working as a professional sewer

The sewing profession requires an individual to complete detailed physical work on a daily basis. Some of the risks that these individuals encounter in the workplace include:

  • Ergonomic injuries — Ergonomic injuries are common among those in the sewing industry, because these individuals are required to sit for long periods of time while completing detailed needlework. Whether they are sitting at a sewing table or completing alterations by hand, there is a likelihood that they will deal with ergonomic complications at some point during their professional career.
  • Back and neck injuries — The position in which many professional sewers sit as well as the concentration that is necessary to complete the job can result in back and neck injuries. Employees should be given frequent breaks so that they can move, stretch and stay comfortable while working.
  • Eye strain — Professional sewers must focus completely on their work at all times, which is often small and detailed in nature. This can cause eye strain and can even lead to impaired vision over time. It is necessary that employers provide professional sewers with the equipment they need to stay safe, and that employers encourage their employees to take frequent breaks in order to protect their eyesight.
  • Injuries that result from defective equipment — Professional sewers operate sewing equipment and machines every day to complete their work. When this equipment is not maintained or it is poorly manufactured, there can be defects that result in injuries to the employees. Employers have an obligation to provide their seamstresses and tailors with adequate equipment that is well-maintained.

What to do if you are injured while working as a tailor or seamstress

Unfortunately, injuries are quite common in this particular industry, given the nature of the job. It is important that people who are employed as seamstresses and dressmakers understand what they need to do if they are injured while working. First and foremost, it is important to seek medical treatment as quickly as possible. The incident also needs to be reported to a supervisor immediately. The circumstances surrounding the injury should be documented, as this information will help significantly when filing for worker's compensation in Colorado. Once a professional sewer has received the proper medical care, they should contact an attorney who specializes in worker's compensation law.

Worker's compensation laws in Colorado

Most employers are required to carry worker's compensation insurance for their employees. This insurance is designed to protect employees who are injured while working on the job. Professional sewers, including seamstresses, dressmakers and tailors, may be eligible for worker's compensation. A worker's compensation claim should cover all expenses associated with the injury, including lost wages, health care costs and costs associated with a decreased quality of life. 

Whether a seamstress operates her own business or a tailor works for a department store, it's important that all professional sewers make safety a top priority as they complete their day-to-day tasks. In the event that you, or someone that you love, is injured while working as a tailor, dressmaker or seamstress, you need to contact a qualified attorney to represent you. Our law firm specializes in worker's compensation law in Colorado, and we will work tirelessly to get you the results that you both need and deserve. To set up a consultation appointment with one of our experienced attorneys, contact us today. 

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