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Auto mechanics and technicians suffer a high number of injuries

While most mechanics enjoy their work, they recognize that it is not without its risks. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 13,000 mechanics were injured on the job and were forced to take time off of work as a result.

Denver mechanics who are injured while working are likely eligible for worker's compensation. It's important that all workers are aware of the risks associated with their position, how they can prevent injuries while working and what they need to do in the event of an injury.

Common injuries suffered by mechanics in Denver

Slip and fall injuries — The car shop is understandably not the cleanest place to work, and there are often slippery liquids lining the floor. Mechanics can easily slip and fall on these substances, which can lead to bruises, broken bones and other injuries.

Sprains and strains — This is easily the most common injury suffered by mechanics. This is due to the fact that mechanics have to complete detailed work in confined spaces, and they often have a limited range of motion. This leaves them prone to sprains and strains.

Burns — Mechanics work with a variety of chemicals and they have to operate on vehicle equipment that can be hot. Mechanics are at risk for suffering from both minor and severe burns.

Limb loss — This is one of the most tragic injuries that mechanics can suffer, but it does happen occasionally. Mechanics often have to operate heavy equipment, including grinders and shears, that can result in lost limbs. All mechanics must be properly trained on this equipment, and employers need to make sure that all power tools are in good working order prior to the work day.

Eye injuries — Eye injuries are common amongst mechanics since they have to work in small spaces, such as underneath the vehicles. Protective eyewear should be worn to prevent these injuries, which can range from minor to severe.

Safety tips for Denver auto mechanics and technicians

Recognizing that there are risks in the workplace, Denver mechanics need to do their best to prevent injuries while working. By staying safe on the job, mechanics can continue to pursue their chosen career and they also can enjoy a fulfilling personal life.

Mechanics should begin each day by assessing the risks that are present in their work space, and doing their best to reduce those risks as much as possible. Spills should be cleaned up as soon as possible, equipment should be tested prior to use and the workspace should be clear of obstructions.

In addition, the owner or manager of the mechanic shop needs to make sure that all employees receive adequate training prior to beginning their work. In the event that new equipment has been added to the shop, every mechanic should receive training on how to operate it, and they also should be provided with any safety gear that is needed in order to operate the equipment.

Mechanics should work together with management in order to minimize the risks of working in the shop and to proactively work to reduce the number of injuries that occur in the workplace each year.

What your first steps should be after suffering a work-related injury

Despite the best efforts of the employee and the employer, injuries do happen on the job. Mechanics who are injured while working should seek medical care as soon as possible, and they also need to report the incident to their superior. After the injury has been treated and the mechanic is recovering, it is best to contact a qualified personal injury attorney who specializes in worker's compensation in Colorado. The right attorney will be able to collect the evidence necessary in order to secure the highest possible compensation package. A mechanic's worker's compensation package should cover medical costs associated with the injury, lost wages and any detrimental impact to the individual's quality of life.

To learn more about workplace injuries in Denver and to find out how to maximize your worker's compensation package, set up a consultation with one of our experienced personal injury attorneys today. Contact our Denver law firm now.

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