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Should trucking companies be able to drug test using hair?

Nowadays, it is virtually impossible to travel Colorado’s roadways without encountering a commercial truck, but many motorists still try and do so as much as possible because of the inherent risks these big rigs pose for other motorists. In addition to the size and weight of semi-trucks, which can threaten smaller, lighter passenger vehicles, substance abuse is also prevalent among many truck drivers, and it can place you and everyone else on the road in serious danger.

Do long trucker commutes place you and the public in danger?

If you spend a lot of time traveling Colorado's roadways, and in particular, its busy Interstate 70 corridor, you probably understand that sharing the road with large trucks presents a number of specific dangers. Truckers often face fatigue and tight timelines, and they sometimes engage in substance abuse and other dangerous driving behaviors to meet the demands of their job. It may surprise you to learn, however, that the length of a trucker's commute to work can also impact his or her ability to drive safely.

When big trucks crash

 At the Law Offices of Cliff Enten in Colorado, we know how dangerous a tractor-trailer can be if it crashes into you or you crash into it. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety states that about 10 percent of U.S. highway fatalities involve a large truck and you, as a passenger vehicle occupant, are most at risk for being fatally injured. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration adds that over 100,000 Americans are injured each year in truck accidents.

Truck accident fatalities in Colorado

Colorado residents know that ground transportation is a mainstay of the American economy as it has far and away overtaken rail as a primary means of delivering goods across the country. While essential from a commerce perspective, having these large commercial vehicles share the road with cars, pickup trucks and other passenger vehicles does open up the risk of serious accidents that leave everyday citizens injured or even killed.

In winter, back off of trucks

By the time November rolls around in Colorado, Denver residents and visitors alike are wishing for that first magical snowflake of the year. The falling snow is the unofficial start of yet another fantastic ski season, and provides those in the area with an opportunity to soak up the magic of wintertime. However, these same beautiful flakes that cover the mountainsides with fresh powder can wreck havoc on the roadways. The winding roads and the busy highways of Denver instantly become more dangerous, especially for truck drivers and those driving around trucks.

The FMCSA Hours of Service rule for truckers

How many times have you been driving on a surface street, highway or freeway in Colorado only to have a large tractor trailer come up next to you or pass you quickly? This situation often leaves people in regular passenger cars, trucks and sport utility vehicles feeling somewhat dwarfed and vulnerable. This is with good reason. These big rigs are just that - big. Their sheer size can put other people in line for serious risk if an accident with one of these vehicles occurs.

How can I protect myself from truck accidents?

As a motorist who frequents the roads in Denver, one of the biggest threats to your safety are truck drivers. With the number of truck accidents growing daily, you may be wondering how you can protect yourself from becoming a victim. It is not possible for you to predict when you will end up driving alongside a trucker. But, you can pay attention to their actions, so you know when your safety is at stake.

FMCSA rule to be dropped based on study results

Colorado residents who are concerned about sharing the road with severely fatigued truck drivers have reason to worry. Truckers often spend many lonely hours on the road even in the dark hours. The catastrophe that can happen when a passenger vehicle collides with a tractor trailer can be tragic. Keeping people safe is therefore important and that was the goal of a ruling made by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in 2013. 

New rule aims to reduce trucker fatigue

If you have ever driven your standard passenger vehicle next to or behind a semi truck on Colorado roads, you know how quickly you become aware of the tremendous size differential between these commercial vehicles and a typical car or truck. This size alone can have a tremendous impact on the severity of an accident between the two. Finding ways to continue improving safety in the commercial transportation world is a vital way of keeping the public safe.

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