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When can you sue your employer after a workplace accident?

If you slip while walking through your workplace and break your ankle, you might be tempted to go straight to the CEO's office and threaten him with a lawsuit. Unfortunately, this scenario is not going to end well for you. First, your boss is likely to laugh at this assertion, and second, you may face professional repercussions as a result of your threatening outburst.

Industrial accidents caused by insufficient maintenance

Working in an industrial setting carries with it a specific set of risks. Working with factory equipment is dangerous and requires employees to be properly trained in order to use the equipment in a safe and responsible manner. Of course, employees also expect that this equipment is in good working order, and that, if used properly, will not harm them. Unfortunately, factory equipment maintenance can be expensive and may often slide to the back burner for employers. 

Legal support for workers suffering on-the-job burn injuries

Unfortunately, many Colorado workplaces can be very dangerous environments for employees on a daily basis. Just one accident with hazardous chemicals or electrical machinery, and an employee could suffer a burn that results in a permanent disfigurement, scar or impairment. If you suffered a similar injury at your job, our law firm can assist you in obtaining the benefits you deserve.

Colordao workers' compensation and trench collapse

A study by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, a subdivision of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, states that 350 construction workers died in trench collapses on construction sites between 2000 and 2009, an average rate of 35 a year. Trenching operations such as sewer, telecommunications and water line installation and repair may require excavating to depths over 20 feet, but the NIOSH report states that 64 percent of all deaths in trench cave ins between 1997 and 2001 occurred at depths of less than 10 feet.

Forklift accidents account for injuries at many workplaces

Used at companies across the nation, forklifts play an important role in moving pallets loaded with everything from construction equipment and building supplies to books and consumer goods. Accidents involving these powerful machines can result in serious injury or even a workplace death.

Worker partially buried in Aurora trench collapse

The Colorado workers’ compensation system provides benefits when an on-the-job accident causes an injury. If the Occupational Safety and Health Administration determines the employer ignored safety standards, it may also issue a violation and fine as a way to hopefully reduce similar future workplace accidents.

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