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If you work outdoors, beware of heat injuries

For workers who labor outside during the dog days of summer, the days are less like a vacation and more like a grueling marathon that must be endured. In fact, beyond the fact that the heat can be uncomfortable, there are actually many risks that must be considered when working outside in the elements during the month of August. 

OSHA offers safety advice for protecting young workers

Many employers across the country as well as in Denver employ young people at their businesses. From fast food restaurants to coffee shops and grocery stores, managers and owners alike find that young people are eager to accept their first position in the work force and are oftentimes very reliable workers.

Efficient lockout procedures can reduce workplace injuries

Colorado residents may associate the term lockout with striking workers and angry picket lines, but in workplace safety circles the term applies to devices and procedures designed to ensure that dangerous machines are unable to operate while they are being inspected, repaired or moved. Having clear and efficient lockout procedures in place can reduce accidents and injuries and improve productivity.

Issues and solutions regarding workplace fall protection

In many workplaces in Colorado and across the country, problems exist in regards to fall protection applications and requirements. As a result, employers might be held accountable for any employee who becomes injured in an accident caused by an improper or inadequate fall protection system.

Good lighting essential for worker safety

Colorado residents who work in construction or other industrial professions know how important it is to have a good flashlight or lantern to illuminate their way in low-light areas. Luckily, advances in lighting technology mean employers and employees have a wide range of options available to ensure safety and efficiency on job sites.

Experts highlight fire safety for welders

In August 2015, Occupational Health & Safety magazine took note of the fact that welders in Colorado and around the country need to pay special attention to fire hazards. In addition to confirming that their immediate surroundings are free of obvious combustible items before beginning work, these professionals are advised to observe and control a number of other potential hazards that might increase the likelihood of dangerous combustion and personal injury.

Workplace eyewash may cause eye infections, report says

Production and research laboratories and medical facilities in Colorado and across the country may be exposing their employees to eye infections. According to a recent Infosheet report by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the employees most at risk are those who flush their eyes at potentially contaminated workplace eyewash stations.

OSHA sets new standards for beryllium exposure

Colorado workers that are exposed to beryllium on the job are at risk for developing a condition known as chronic beryllium disease. This debilitating illness develops in workers that inhale beryllium dust or fumes. On Aug. 6, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration announced new safety standards aimed at protecting the estimated 35,000 workers who are exposed to beryllium in the United States.

Safety measures to protect lone workers

Employers in Colorado have a legal obligation to provide a safe work environment for their employees, including those whose jobs require them to work alone. It is often more difficult or costly for employers to ensure the safety of lone workers because there are no other people around to help out or watch out.

5-part protocol necessary for fall protection of workers

Not everyone in Colorado has the nerve to work in high places such as cranes, light towers, bridges or amusement park rides. The risks these workers take to build or maintain structures are well documented. Every year, falls account for a large share of construction site injuries. The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration repeatedly cites employers for violations in fall protection safety procedures.

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