Workers' Compensation For Injured Health Professionals

Health care workers encounter a lot of unique, time-sensitive situations that must be resolved in the moment. Your training and your intuition are your guides in stressful situations. You may also be handling sharp instruments, hazardous materials and infectious biohazards as part of your daily responsibilities. Whether in the lab or in direct contact with patients each shift, you are putting yourself in harm’s way to help others heal, recover and benefit from compassionate, professional care. At the Law Offices of Cliff Enten, we understand the hard work you put in to benefit your community and provide the highest standard of care to each of your patients. Our attorneys work to provide the same high level of service to our clients. We have guided and represented tens of thousands of injured workers throughout the Colorado Front Range in the course of maximizing their workers’ compensation benefits. A workers’ compensation insurance adjuster will never tell you that minimizing your medical cost and lost wages payments is his or her goal, but that is how insurance companies protect their bottom lines. You should always be skeptical of an insurance company’s motives and tactics. Speak with a workers’ compensation lawyer before agreeing to any sort of settlement or payment from the insurance company.

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Many of the workers’ comp claims we handle involving health care worker injuries are the result of lifting, bending and reaching too much, too far or just too often. Repetitive stress injuries resulting from assisting patients, carrying heavy items and doing many jobs on your own that really almost require two people can lead to serious injuries over time.

It is OK to work hard, quickly and efficiently, but it is not OK to let an injury go unreported. Even if you were at fault, you aggravated a pre-existing condition or the injury developed over a long period of time, you are still eligible for workers’ compensation benefits and possibly long-term benefits that you really need.

Do not be discouraged by a denied claim, denied medical treatment cost, or otherwise uncooperative insurance company or employer.

It is critical you speak with one of our experienced lawyers about any of the following injuries. We bring over 30 years of experience on both sides of legal battles to your case, and we can help you through the complex system with efficiency and peace of mind.

  • Lifting injury
  • Joint injury
  • Back injury
  • Patient assault
  • Medical instrument or equipment injury
  • Repetitive stress injury
  • Blood or medical waste infection
  • Exposure to disease or other hazard

If you are a lab technician, physical therapist, doctor, nursing assistant, dental hygienist, maintenance worker, patient transport staff or nurse injured at work, contact us to discuss your rights and obtaining the maximum benefits you are entitled to receive.

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