Questions About Car Accident Injury Claims


Auto accidents can be traumatic and expensive. Trying to recover from your injuries while communicating with both your own insurance company and the other driver’s insurance company can be exhausting. Colorado accident laws are complex, and if you were in an accident involving a drunk driver or a special vehicle such as a semi truck or bus, then the legal issues can be even more confusing. The insurance companies will hire the best attorneys money can buy. Cliff Enten used to work for the insurance companies but now uses his 25 years of legal experience to help the victims of auto accidents get the compensation they deserve.

The law associates at the Law Offices of Cliff Enten have a proven success record for recovering damages to help victims of auto accidents in Greeley, Colorado Springs, Denver and all of Colorado deal with their injuries. We invite you to contact our legal offices today for free legal advice. Keep in mind if you can’t come to us, we can come to you. We routinely make trips to clients’ homes and hospital rooms when they are unable to travel.


  • What should I do after an auto accident?
  • What should I not do after an auto accident?
  • Should I go to the doctor?
  • If I wasn’t at fault, do I still need to cover my medical bills?
  • Will I have to pay for other costs such as a rental car or towing and storage fees?
  • What if my car already had some damage before the accident?
  • I was involved in an accident with a driver who doesn’t have auto insurance. Do I have any options?
  • What if I was a passenger?
  • What if I was a pedestrian?
  • Should I talk to the other driver’s insurance company? What if they call me?

Call an ambulance immediately if you think anyone is seriously injured. Do not attempt to move an injured person unless the person is in immediate danger.

Call the police. The police will file a report about the details of the auto accident. This report will later strengthen your case in court. When the police arrive, give them your complete cooperation. This will ensure the police report is accurate and includes everything you remember about the auto accident.

Take photographs of the scene of the accident. Make sure you get pictures of the damage to both cars and the surrounding area. Try to keep a record of any skid marks or other details. Take the pictures after everyone is safe from harm, but before the cars are moved. Drawing a diagram of the accident scene can also be useful for remembering details of the incident. Write down any observations that may be important later, including weather conditions. Make a note if any of the other drivers look as if they’ve been drinking and driving.

Obtain the name and contact information of anyone at the scene of the accident. This includes the drivers involved in the auto accident, their passengers and any witnesses. You should also get the names of emergency personnel, such as police and paramedics, who are at the scene of the accident. Don’t interfere with them doing their jobs. Get the information when everyone is out of immediate danger. Someone will also need to interview all of the witnesses and write down their comments. Obtain the insurance information, driver’s license number, and registration information from all of the drivers involved in the accident and provide your own information to the other drivers.

See a doctor as soon as possible. Even if you feel fine, you may have injuries you are unaware of, and these injuries will be easier to treat if you catch them early. A complete medical record of your injuries will also strengthen your case in court if you decide to file a claim.

Call a lawyer. The sooner you contact an experienced auto accident lawyer, the sooner that lawyer can take steps to gather and preserve any uncollected evidence while it is still fresh. Even if some time has passed since the accident occurred, you can contact Law Offices of Cliff Enten to speak with our auto accident attorneys. Serving victims in Colorado Springs, Greeley, Denver and the entire state, our team will provide free advice about your legal options. Don’t wait too long to seek legal advice. The state of Colorado places strict limitations on how long you can wait to file your claim.

Contact your insurance company. Check your insurance policy to find out how much time you have to notify your insurance company with information about an auto accident. If there is time, obtain legal advice before making a formal statement to your insurance company, but don’t wait too long to provide them with complete information or you may lose your right to coverage for the accident. Don’t talk to the other driver’s insurance company without first consulting with experienced auto accident attorneys.

Never flee the scene of an accident. Even if the accident wasn’t your fault, leaving the scene of the accident without determining the other driver is OK and exchanging insurance information is considered a hit and run. Hit and runs are criminal offenses that come with stiff fines and possible time in prison.

Never move any injured persons unless they are in immediate danger. Immediate danger means they are trapped in the wreckage of a vehicle that is in danger of catching fire, or they are in the path of oncoming traffic you are unable to divert. In almost every case, it is best not to move a person who has been injured in an auto accident. If the victim has any broken bones, and especially if there is a spinal injury, you could cause further injury and possibly paralysis. Call an ambulance, and then wait it out.

Never apologize to the other driver. If the accident really was your fault, then this information will come out during the investigation. If the accident wasn’t your fault, then an apology will likely be used against you in court if the other driver decides to file a claim. Find out if anyone is hurt, give your name and insurance information and then keep your mouth shut.

Don’t tell anyone at the scene of the accident how much auto insurance coverage you have. The other driver needs to know you have auto insurance, but if you reveal how much your coverage is worth, he or she may be more likely to file a suit against you.

Never accept any money at the scene of the auto accident. Until you can figure out the extent of your injuries and the damage to your car, you have no idea what would be fair payment for your situation. Accepting money without consulting an auto accident attorney can also cause you to lose your right to file a claim later.

Yes! Even if you only feel a little shaken up, you should still see a doctor immediately after you have finished exchanging information with the other driver and law enforcement officers. Often a doctor will be able to recognize the early symptoms of a personal injury. Getting treatment early, instead of waiting until the discomfort becomes unbearable, will help you make a faster and more complete recovery. Also, seeing a doctor right after the accident will provide a complete medical record of any injuries or symptoms. This will give you a stronger case in court later.

Although the at-fault party and their insurance company may ultimately pay all or most of your bills, you will have to have a way to pay the mounting expenses until that time. One option is to use your health insurance or med pay coverage. Another option is to receive treatment under a lien with the health care provider. Often this is the only option for those victims who do not have health insurance or medical payment coverage under their auto policy. Our experienced auto accident attorneys serving Colorado Springs and all of Colorado can help you get the treatment you need. If you do not yet have a doctor, we can recommend a number of physicians or chiropractors who may be willing to treat you on a lien basis or we can speak to your doctor about treating you on a lien basis. This means you won’t have to pay your doctor until after your auto accident claim has been settled. Before entering into any contract with your doctor, be sure to at least ask for the advice of a lawyer so you understand your rights.

Though not all auto accidents cause injuries, residents of Greeley, Fort Collins, Denver and other parts of Colorado who need to commute to work every morning can suffer financially when their car is damaged. Renting a car while repairs are being made can be expensive. And a severely damaged vehicle will have to be towed and stored, which will cost even more money. In some cases, your own insurance company will pay for these expenses, but most insurance contracts do not cover such costs. If you were not at fault for the accident, our auto accident attorneys can make sure the other motorist’s insurance company pays for these unwanted expenses. To make sure you don’t have to pay for someone else’s bad driving, contact our auto accident attorneys in Colorado Springs, Greeley and throughout Colorado.

If there is pre-existing damage to your car, then it becomes even more important to document which problems were the direct result of the accident. The other driver’s insurance company is not going to pay for damage that happened before the accident, and they’re likely to argue more damage was already there than actually was, but that doesn’t mean our attorneys won’t be able to get you any compensation. Our experienced auto accident attorneys have helped thousands of residents in Colorado Springs and throughout the state of Colorado get money back after an auto accident that was not their fault. If you were able to take pictures at the scene of the accident, this evidence will likely help you in court. Our firm can hire car experts such as mechanics and car repair specialists to testify in court about the likely age of car body damage and the cause of mechanical failures. Law Offices of Cliff Enten has recovered millions of dollars in compensation for auto accidents that occurred in Greeley, Colorado Springs, Denver and throughout Colorado. We know how to handle auto accident cases; let us help you!

Absolutely! For auto accidents occurring in Colorado, the law states unless you signed paperwork stating you did not want this type of coverage, your auto insurance must compensate you for accidents involving uninsured motorists if the accident was the fault of the uninsured driver and you were injured. If you were in an accident with a driver who is uninsured, you should inform your insurance company as soon as possible. You can then contact our auto accident attorneys serving Colorado Springs, Greeley and the Colorado area. We can help review your insurance contract to make certain you have the proper coverage. We can also help you file a suit if your insurance company refuses to provide you with the proper compensation. Our firm has handled literally thousands of similar cases. For a free legal consultation contact our personal injury firm and make an appointment to meet with one of our experienced lawyers today.

Just because you were a passenger and not the driver of a car that was involved in an auto accident doesn’t mean you must give up your right to compensation for injuries. The Law Offices of Cliff Enten has 25 years’ experience handling auto accident cases. Make an appointment with one of our qualified attorneys, and let us explain how we will present your case before you decide whether or not you want to file a lawsuit. Be sure to act quickly while you still have the choice to pursue the case. Colorado law places strict limits on how long you can wait before filing a claim. We give you the opportunity to discuss your case with a legal expert and receive detailed advice completely free of charge or obligation.

Pedestrians have as many rights as drivers when they are involved in an accident. Drivers are responsible for driving safely at all times, but particularly when pedestrians are present. Even a pedestrian who was jaywalking at the time of the accident can receive compensation for injuries. Law Offices of Cliff Enten is experienced in recovering damages for pedestrians who were injured when they were hit or clipped by a car. Our lawyers are familiar with the laws governing pedestrian accidents and can skillfully manage your case, giving you the time and peace of mind you need to focus on recovering from your injuries.

Never give a statement to the other driver’s insurance company without first consulting an auto accident attorney. If they call you, politely tell them you would prefer not to make a statement at this time. Then say goodbye and hang up. Don’t let the conversation go on too long. Insurance company claims adjusters are skilled negotiators who may attempt to trick you into giving up information that could hurt your claim later. It is not uncommon for the representative of the other driver’s insurance company to attempt to talk you out of contacting a lawyer. Don’t try to negotiate with these agents yourself. Once you have an auto accident attorney, you can inform the claims adjuster attempting to contact you that you have representation and then give them the appropriate contact information to speak with your lawyer. After they have received the contact information for your legal representative, it is unethical and inappropriate for the other driver’s insurance company to contact you directly. If they call again, politely tell them to talk to your lawyer and then hang up.

The auto accident attorneys at Law Offices of Cliff Enten serving Colorado Springs and all of Colorado can help prevent the other driver’s insurance company from denying you the fair compensation you deserve. We’ve helped victims of auto accidents in Greeley, Denver, Fort Collins and many other cities in Colorado. Don’t hesitate to contact our legal offices for free legal advice. Don’t let the insurance company stall you into losing your right to file a claim. Have your case evaluated by a trained professional today!




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