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In the past, consumers made purchases under the unspoken law of buyer beware, referring to the understanding that once you purchase a product, you assume responsibility for any harm or injury that may result from the use of that product. Now, with strict product liability laws in effect, modern consumers can rest assured the parties at fault will be held responsible for any personal injury or property damage that may result after using a defective or dangerous product. Consumers who are injured or suffer property damage after the use of an unsafe product may be eligible to receive compensation. The Denver product liability attorneys at Law Offices of Cliff Enten have reached favorable settlements for victims from throughout Colorado, and they can help you recover the compensation you deserve.
  • Who Is Liable For Defective Products?
  • Injured Consumers Need Strong Representation

Who Is Liable for Defective Products?

Our attorneys have experience handling product liability cases that involve everyday defective products. Some of the most common cases handled at our Denver and Colorado Springs offices by our product liability attorneys involve the following subjects:

  • Faulty manufacturing
  • Incomplete or inadequate warning labels or instructions
  • Unsafe design
  • Fraudulent marketing or advertising
  • Unsafe or outdated food products or groceries
  • Harmful prescription drugs

Under product liability laws, when a consumer uses a product in a reasonable manner and is harmed as a result, manufacturers, vendors or even advertisers are accountable. While improved warning labels, strict maintenance standards and enforced production laws can help protect consumers, it is impossible to eliminate all risks. When an innocent consumer is injured or harmed after using a dangerous product, our attorneys can help deliver justice.

Injured Consumers Need Strong Representation

For consumers who are injured or who have suffered property damage, and for the families of victims whose wrongful death was the result of a defective or unsafe product, it is very important to obtain qualified representation. Manufacturers, store owners and marketing experts all have the assistance of some of the most experienced lawyers available. Don’t you deserve representation just as aggressive? The Law Offices of Cliff Enten have offices in Colorado Springs, Denver and Fort Collins. Our product liability attorneys can help you receive the fair treatment and settlement you deserve.

Contact Our Product Liability Attorneys Today

Our product liability attorneys have won settlements for injured consumers from all over Colorado. If you have been injured or have suffered property damage after using a defective or harmful product and believe you may be entitled to compensation, contact us today.




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