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The attorneys at our Denver, Colorado Springs and Fort Collins offices help residents of the entire state of Colorado recover the Social Security Disability benefit settlements to which they are entitled. Led by Cliff Enten, the legal team at the Law Offices of Cliff Enten has extensive knowledge of our nation’s Social Security system, and can assist worthy applicants who have been denied benefits during the often-confusing appeals process. Who Is Eligible For Social Security Disability Benefits? What If My Claim Is Denied?

Who Is Eligible For Social Security Disability Benefits?

To be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits, a person must be deemed “totally disabled” by meeting the following requirements:

  • He or she must not be capable of doing the work he or she did prior to the disability.
  • He or she cannot perform other, comparable work, as can be reasonably expected given the claimant’s age, education and experience.
  • The claimant’s disability is expected to last more than 12 months (one year), or is expected to end in his or her death.

What If My Claim Is Denied?

It is very common for our clients to be denied in their first application for Social Security Disability benefit packages. Indeed, more than 75 percent of initial applications are denied. After denial, applicants have 60 days to file an appeal. While it is not necessary to hire a Social Security Disability lawyer to assist with the application reconsideration process, the proceedings can involve a massive amount of potentially confusing paperwork, and claimants who have legal assistance stand a much greater chance of getting approval of their claims.

When filing a reconsideration application after the initial denial of benefits, it is crucial claimants have a detailed medical history to document their disabilities. Our Social Security Disability benefit attorneys know how to help disabled claimants assemble all of the necessary medical documentation, including records of doctor visits, treatment histories and medications prescribed.

Contact Our Denver Social Security Disability Attorneys Today

Most Social Security Disability claims are denied at the initial level. The Law Offices of Cliff Enten has a proven track record of success in winning appeals for those claimants who have been initially denied their Social Security benefits. If you suffer from a medical condition that limits your ability to work and have been denied the benefits of Social Security Disability, you are entitled to an attorney. The team at Law Offices of Cliff Enten can assist you with your case. Contact the Law Offices of Cliff Enten for a free evaluation of your Social Security Disability benefit claim.




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