If you were hurt on someone else’s property, you shouldn’t have to pay out of pocket. Fortunately, as a premises liability lawyer like our friends at Council & Associates, LLC can explain, a premises liability claim can help cover the cost of your injuries. Read on to learn more about premises liability, and get in touch with a lawyer who can help.

  1. You Can Hold A Property Owner Accountable.

You may not know this, but a property owner actually has a responsibility to ensure the safety of guests and visitors. This means if you’re hurt while on (or interacting with) someone else’s property, you can hold that person accountable for your injuries.

You can’t just throw lawsuits around, though. You need to be able to demonstrate that the property owner in question neglected his or her responsibility. Accidents happen, but a preventable accident may be grounds for a premises liability case.

  1. Property Takes Many Shapes And Sizes.

Most people assume property only applies to homes and land, but property takes many different shapes and sizes. You can be injured in a business, a private residence, or just when you’re taking a walk in the park. In fact, a common example of a premises liability claim is actually a dog bite injury.

A pet can’t be sued, but the owner can. After all, a pet is someone’s property, and if the owner of a dog failed to warn you that his or her dog was aggressive – or failed to properly train his or her dog – you may be able to claim that the dog owner neglected your safety. 

  1. Property Owners Take Many Shapes And Sizes, Too.

We’ve established that property is a pretty wide umbrella, but property owners also cover a pretty broad range. An owner of a private residence can qualify as a property owner, as can the owner of the dog in the previous example. However, the owner of a nationwide grocery store can be a little more challenging to pinpoint.

In some cases, the property owner is a business. In other cases, it’s the property manager, or the management of the business in which you were injured. Every case is different, and your lawyer can help you determine who’s really at fault.

  1. Medical Bills Don’t Have To Break Your Bank.

Even a minor accident can cause serious health issues later on. Unfortunately, medical care in the United States is expensive. Fortunately, you may not have to pay out of pocket if you can prove that your injuries could have been avoided.

If your injuries were caused by someone else, you shouldn’t have to foot the bill. By filing a premises liability claim, you can hold a negligent party responsible for their actions, and you can get some much-needed financial compensation to cover your medical care.

  1. The Right Lawyer Can Make All The Difference.

People are suspicious about lawyers, and rightly so. Some are just in it for the money, and they don’t really care about their client’s wellbeing. It’s important to shop around for a legal team you can trust. Look for one that has plenty of experience in premises liability and personal injury, and check if they offer free consultations.

If you’ve been hurt on someone else’s property, reach out to a lawyer to get more information. Give them a call, and see whether a premises liability claim is worth your time.