We are often taught when we are young about what to do if we are in a car accident with another driver. We study driving laws, practice hands-on, and take a test, then are given the permission to get behind the wheel of a car. But in the midst of all this learning, there are things we are not taught and may not realize until we look back on an accident and wish we had done differently. Here are examples of things you may not know about car accidents, but must, as it can change the outcome of your recovery and ability to receive compensation.

See a Doctor Right Away
Too many people do not get medical attention shortly after a car accident. Failing to do so can impact not only someone’s health, but their chances at being paid for their injuries, property damage, and other loss. For instance, if you were in a car crash and felt okay in the hours afterwards, you may have considered not going to the doctor. However, there are conditions that do not have symptoms right away, but must be treated promptly. Whiplash in particular is a type of injury that a large number of car accident victims sustain, but the neck and back aches may not begin until the next day or longer. By delaying medical attention, it can weaken your claim.

Insurance Companies are For-Profit
Don’t forget why insurance companies are there. Of course, they claim to be there for you when an accident happens and are supposed to be on your side. But if your car accident resulted in substantial loss monetarily, you may find they do not support you to the degree that you require. For example, if you notified your insurance agent about the accident, you may get a call from an insurance adjuster in the days after. But this representative is not your friend, and may try to get you to make statements that reduce your claim so they can pay you less in compensation. Be wary of parties that don’t have your best interest at heart, who actually aim to take advantage of people who don’t fully understand what is happening and what they are entitled to.

Hire a Lawyer to Help You
You do not need a lawyer to handle your accident, as you can do this yourself. There is no requirement to hire a lawyer, however, it is strongly advised that you do so. As a car accident lawyer from David & Philpot, P.L. explains, a lawyer can protect you from insurance companies who pressure you to accept settlements that are less than the value of your claim. They can also handle the call with an insurance adjuster for you, speak with witnesses, and investigate the accident to uncover evidence or contributing factors you were not privy to prior. Too many people don’t get help from a lawyer, and then find themselves suffering financially and physically because they didn’t get the compensation they needed.