When does an employee need an employment litigation lawyer?

Employment Litigation Lawyer

No matter who you are, even if you’re the most conscientious person on the planet, you may occasionally find yourself requiring help from an employment litigation lawyer, such as the ones available at Eric Siegel Law. Some employment matters can be handled on your own, but other issues can be extremely tricky and are going to require legal expertise.

Employment law is changing every day, courts and government agencies are going to issue opinions by changing and interpreting these laws every single day upon hours upon hours of research that they have done. Sometimes they may completely overturn what everyone believed the law meant. 

And of course if you are looking at it from a historical standpoint, often ‌if an employee decides to so an employer for wrongful termination or otherwise discrimination, they may walk away with a large sum of money as seen in employment litigation in the past. So you can see why you should talk to employment litigation lawyers who are trying to help you so that you are not trying to do everything on your own, because they can truly help you.

Employment litigation lawyers can draft interview employee handbooks to ensure that the handbook was followed to achieve when you are removed serving your company. Employment lawyers can look at wrongful termination, workplace discrimination, sexual harassment, contact violations, employee benefit issues, environment issues, whistleblower protection and more.

If you are the employee, you may have a lot of questions about when you should hire an employment litigation lawyer. And the truth is your employer can commit a wide variety of lacks that are unlawful, pleasing employees at a disadvantage or completely violating their rights entirely. If you believe this is happening to you you should reach out to an employment litigation lawyer.

You should contact an employment litigation lawyer if the following has happened. This is no way a full and we list some of the most common examples of why you may want to contact an employment litigation lawyer:

  • If you’ve been harassed at work
  • If you have been treated in a discriminatory manner because of effective characteristic such as pregnancy
  • If the employer has retaliated against you because you exercise the rights such as requesting overtime pay is entitled to you according to law
  • If your employment was terminated in violation of a contract that was expressed or implied
  • If you’re being forced to sign an agreement that weaves rights to which you are entitled under law
  • If you have not received benefits to which you are entitled according to federal law and your employment contract

An employment lawyer can also help you to file workers compensation and the best possible way, to ensure that you are able to effectively claim or appeal for a denial of your benefits. If you work in a non-unionized workplace and you want to unionize, an employment litigation lawyer can also help you with unionizing your workplace.