Why Should I Let A Lawyer Handle My Claim?

Car Accident Lawyer

When a victim of negligence causing personal injury has made a decision to “let the insurance handle it”, they have ceded control over the direction of their case as a car accident lawyer with our friend Attorney Eric T. Kirk knows all too well. An accident victim who has “lawyered up” however, stands in a different  position. Unlike a hapless victim waiting on an insurance company to tell them how much they get, one who has chosen to commence legal action and hire an experienced personal injury lawyer has complete control and discretion, and direction over the progression of that claim, whether to pursue it in the first instance, whether to continue with it, and the direction in which it is to be continued. They are all within the exclusive control of the injured person, not in the hands of a third party, such as an insurance company.  

Accidents That Result In Injury

The consideration discussed herein applies with equal force to motor vehicle accident claims that result in personal injury. It perhaps goes without saying, but most people do not litigate whether or not a 500 bumper should be replaced. Some components of a larger claim might well be best left to the claims adjuster to sort out. Any insurance company may very well be able to equitably and fairly adjust most small property damage claims. The variables are known, such as the cost of labor. The price of materials and parts is typically well-known within a given geographic area and easily ascertainable.

Repairs & Damages

In most instances, repair technicians will agree or nearly agree on the repairs that are needed to put the car in its prior condition. In much the same way an insurance company handling a personal injury protection claim can be expected to accumulate and assemble medical bills that have been generated with respect to an automobile accident claim and pay those bills according to a pre-determined and set fee schedule [Although ultimately, an injured person may disagree with a personal injury, protection providers conclusions about what is reasonable and necessary with respect to their injury.] 

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Claims

Typically, an attorney may not be required to oversee the processing of the typical PIP claim [Note: a different result may indeed attach where the entire PIP claim itself is denied by an insurance company and resort to court action is required.] Those considerations go out the window when the subject of the claim is not a 500 dollar bumper, or a 85 physical therapist bill, but rather if someone’s need for a neck fusion is a result of the automobile accident. Obviously, the stakes could not be more significant when one’s health, well-being, and indeed future, both medically and economically are at stake. When such weighty concerns are involved, it simply makes no sense to do anything other than, at a minimum, consult with a seasoned personal injury attorney.

If you are dealing with an insurance claim after any type of car accident, contact a lawyer near you to schedule a consultation as soon as possible.