Your Recovery After a Workplace Accident

In the moments after sustaining an injury at work, you will have important decisions to make. Each one of them should reflect your best interests and recovery. When an employee gets hurt due to the nature of the job or when traveling for work, workers quickly become victims who may need coverage for their medical treatment, loss of wages, and more. When going through the steps of pursuing workers’ compensation benefits, keep the following in mind:

Be specific in your story, and stay consistent.

Be prepared to describe in detail how the work accident happened from your point of view. The story of how you got injured should be consistent no matter who you are speaking with, whether that be your employer, doctor, or other related party. A representative from your employer’s insurance company will meticulously review every report and medical document to find a reason to reduce or deny your compensation.

Ask if you are eligible for a second opinion.

The first doctor you see is likely to have been chosen by your employer’s insurance company. Because this doctor is being paid by an insurer, they may be biased towards what your employer wants, and not your health. So if you are unhappy with your care, ask whether you are eligible for a second opinion from your personal physician or another of your choice. You deserve to see a doctor that will provide a transparent evaluation that isn’t skewed based on who’s paying for your treatment. 

Speak up if something isn’t right.

As your workers’ compensation claim is being processed, there may come a point where you sense that something isn’t right. Maybe your boss failed to submit your claim paperwork on time, your treating doctor isn’t listening to your concerns, or your benefit amount doesn’t fully cover your needs. Whatever the case may be, remember that a lawyer familiar with workers’ compensation will be able to answer yoru questions and protect your best interests.

As a workers compensation lawyer from Cohen and Cohen, P.C. knows all too well, employees are often taken advantage of because they don’t understand what they are eligible to receive. Staying informed and getting help if needed will make the difference in your recovery after a workplace accident.