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Distracted driving highlighted in study

Are you one of the many residents in Colorado who is worried to see drivers obviously texting while behind the wheel despite increasing public awareness campaigns higlighting the dangers of this type of behavior? If so, you are not alone. Consumer Reports is also concerned about the ongoing resistance of people to make safe choices when operating motor vehicles.

How do I file an insurance claim after an accident?

Any stressful event can leave you feeling confused and overwhelmed for days or weeks after the event. This is particularly true when it comes to the aftermath of a car crash, especially if you or someone you love was injured. It can help you and other Colorado residents to know in advance how to handle your accident claim.

2016 a deadly year in Colorado

Like many people in Colorado, you may once in a while wonder if all of the improvements in automobile safety technology along with stronger laws are actually able to help reduce the number of accidents or, even better, save lives. Certainly both of those things are goals of the efforts made by vehicle manufacturers, law enforcement entities, municipalities and state and federal lawmakers. However, even the most well-intended efforts appear to be ineffective some of the time.

Drunk driver kills one, injures another

Colorado residents have been provided with a wide array of data and education informing them just how dangerous it is to drive after drinking for many decades now. Yet, too many people continue to ignore these warnings and facts and grab their keys after downing one or multiple beers or other beverages. The result of this decision has not changed and another accident that happened recently just keeps supporting the need for people to change their ways.

Colorado residents face growing risk in high drivers

Colorado made headlines when it became the first state in the nation to legalize the recreational use of pot. Regardless of whether or not someone agrees with that decision, there are numerous ways that this decision may impact people, even those who may chose not to use marijuana themselves. One of these is when an accident occurs that involves a high driver.

Rural areas are more dangerous for car accidents

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 15,000 fatal traffic accidents occurred in 2014 on roadways in the United States, comprising about 50 percent of all fatal traffic accidents in the country. This is an alarming figure, considering just 19 percent of American citizens live in rural areas yet half of all fatal accidents occur on rural roads. It highlights the very real danger that unfamiliar drivers face when they must cross through rural areas in Colorado during their travels.

Remote sensing technology in autonomous cars

In Colorado and across the nation, people's opinions of self-driving cars run the gamut from great excitement to virtual fear of handing over responsibility for driving to a computer. Regardless of whether or not a person feels positively about autonomous vehicles, most people are interested in how safe these vehicles really might be. Understanding some of the technologies to be put to use in them can be important in assessing this.

What makes I-25 through Colorado so dangerous?

Back in 2009, the Denver 7 news station, dubbed the stretch of I-25 that runs between Sante Fe and the I-70 highway in Denver the most dangerous stretch of Colorado road. In 2017, nothing has changed. Many hundreds of crashes occur on this portion of the highway each year, including many vacationers to the state, or just passing through.

I-70: Colorado's most dangerous highway

For many travelers, Colorado is the dream vacation destination. In the winter months, visitors are able to enjoy some of the best skiing in the world atop the most majestic mountains. In the summer, the vistas that surround the Rocky Mountains cannot be beat. People hailing from across the globe set their sights on Colorado in hopes of hiking through the rugged trails that lead to the most breathtaking views.

Rear-end crash kills man, injures others

Across the state of Colorado, people were anxiously awaiting the Fourth of July holiday which for many people may have featured an extended weekend starting the Friday prior. Known to be a holiday during which a lot of folks take to the road, there may understandably be concerns about traffic accidents that could end up marring what should otherwise be a fun and enjoyable time.

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